Sunday, September 2, 2012

Emme's 'perfect 10' birthday cake

This cake I made for my friend Erika's daughter Emme's 10th birthday party... She is a girl after my own heart and knew exactly what she wanted... This is a chocolate/chocolate chip cake with chocolate/chocolate chip filling and mint icing. Instead of the traditional 'Happy Birthday' written on it she wanted it to say "Perfect 10" it's decorated with pink and green icing 'ribbons'. Photo graciously taken for me by her mother who runs Dry Ink Photography.
 go check her out!! She is awesome!!

August/September 2012 Family Birthday Cake

I come from a pretty large extended family. We have birthday parties in groups, there's normally a party in March/April, one in August/September, and October/November... Apparently we only pro-create during certain times of the year :) This is the birthday cake I made for our August/September bday cake this year. It's half yellow, half chocolate cake with buttercream icing.

Anna Claire's first Birthday!!!

My friend Wendy asked me to make cupcakes for her daughter Anna Claire's first birthday party. The party theme was 'CandyLand'.  I made a giant cupcake to be used as her "smash" cake.

 And about 100 cupcakes for the guests. The cupcakes were white and chocolate and all were decorated with buttercream icing and sprinkles.

Melissah and Adam's wedding cakes!!

My cousin Melissah and her new husband Adam asked me to make their wedding cakes. I did the bridal and grooms cake.. The bridal was a 4-layer cake with butter cream icing on all 3 layers, but different cake flavors through out the cake. The bottom layer was a traditional white cake. The 2nd layer was a hummingbird cake. The 2rd layer was an italian creme cheese cake- this one was my favorite :). The top layer that they saved was a hummingbird cake. The cake is decorated with swirls and different sayings the couple say to each other.
The grooms cake was in the shape of an X-box 360 and is a red velvet cake with cream cheese icing.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Past cakes

Here are just a few of the cakes I've made some are original ideas and please bear in mind some of these are in my very early days of cake baking :)

this is a cake I made for my cousins birthday party (chocolate cake, chocolate icing)

a fish cake for fathers day (yellow cake, chocolate icing)
a lingerie cake with cheesecake boobs for a lingerie shower
(pumpkin cake, cream cheese icing)
giant cupcake (pumpkin cake, butter cream icing)
a sweet 16 heart cake (rainbow white cake, butter cream icing)
happy birthday cake (chocolate cake, rainbow chip filling, butter cream icing)
new baby cake (chocolate cake, double chocolate filling, butter cream icing)
wedding cake for my brother (yellow cake mix, chocolate chip cream cheese filling, butter cream icing)

baby shower cake for my sister-in-law (pumpkin cake, cream cheese filling, cream cheese icing)

wonder woman cake for a friend I put a picture of her as wonder womans face
(chocolate cake, rainbow chip filling, butter cream icing)
light house cake (chocolate cake, butter cream filling and icing)
bachelorette party cake (hummingbird cake, cream cheese filling, butter cream icing)

graduation cake (chocolate cake, chocolate chip cream cheese filling, butter cream icing)

most of my posts won't nearly be as long, but I needed to catch up on all the cakes I've done over the years to show the different ideas I've had...
stay tuned for new cakes!!!